Article by Leaders in GM


Earlier this month on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in Bury we held our first #JustTheTicket event. We have added this free event to our Leaders in GM offer which is open to anyone working in what is now widely known as ‘the system’.

This new offer is in response to some of the feedback you have given us in relation to wanting to spend time with your LiGM colleagues in a less formal setting that allows us to connect with a focus on themes that are a reality for some within ‘the system’.

This also presented us with the opportunity to bring to life some of our LiGM values;

We’re passionate about the people who live and work in GM – we wanted to explore the talent and aspirations in our localities and so we chose Newtons of Bury as the venue to help show case a relatively new local coworking space.

We come together to connect, learn and collaborate –  to build further on the connecting and collaboration we threw open the choices of films and dates via our social media channels.

We lead from place, always building from our collective strengths and resources – we all recognise that we have extraordinary people in our communities who are just getting on doing business and making things happen at a local level, and so we wanted to use #JustTheTicket as an opportunity to highlight some of this work, the light lunch was provided by Sushma’s Snacks and we collaborated with The Video Box a not for profit community arts organisation to bring the pop up cinema.

We challenge and explore new ways of working to create greater impact – throughout all three of the LiGM cohorts we have sought to explore ‘the system’ through multiple lenses to help us make sense of any blockers and enablers that will  support us in realising the ambitions set out in  The Greater Manchester Strategy and we aimed to do this through offering choices that highlight life through another lense.

We understand our personal and collective responsibilities in transforming GM – you voted to watch I Daniel Blake which highlights what can happen when policies and processes (internal and external) work against the people we are here to serve. A powerful story which we would encourage you to watch if you haven’t already had the chance to do so.

Our next #JustTheTicket event will be in September, if you have a venue or locality in mind that you would like to recommend, then we’d love to hear from you.