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“It’s your job as a creative leader to find and tell the bigger story” – Michael Margolis , The importance of storytelling in creative leadership: An interview with Michael Margolis

May started off with a bang as we welcomed attendees to our second storytelling workshop delivered by Paula Whylie of 3Ps People Development. The workshop aims to give attendees a formula to use when choosing to use storytelling as an influencing tool which creates change through engagement with the storyteller’s passion for an issue they wish to highlight.

Storytelling and the use of narrative continues to gain momentum in its recognition as a key leadership skill for leaders of the future. As the base of storytelling is about connecting to the vision and passion of others, this course is designed around creating a connection within the room which sets the scene for our storytellers to dig deep to explore and understand why their chosen topics mean so much to them and  create a safe space for them to craft their first stories, digging deep often wakes up emotions in us that can take us by surprise, sometimes moving us to tears, one participant jokingly asked if we measure the success of the workshop by how many tears we have! We should assure you we don’t and also mention that there are plenty tears of joy and laughter along the way.

The photos and recorded stories on our now on website so take a peek at some of the action in our new photo gallery .